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Fundamentals Project

The main goal of Fundamentals project is to help in the formation of the faith and life of Jesus' disciples. This content was always transmitted through church meetings and through joints and ligaments and it was mainly done using printed booklets.

Now, through these digital tools, this formational teaching will be more accessible and shared in an even better way.

In addition to facilitating the access free of charge to all brothers, the project also aims to promote unity in the teaching of the various ministries linked to us, both in Brazil and in other countries.

Project Goals

Unidade no Ensino da Igreja


Unify, update, and make more accessible all of the teachings about our faith and everything we believe and practice according to the Word of God.

Formação de Discípulos de Jesus

To Form

There will be about 150 topics covered, and the timeline aims to equip each disciple of Jesus in the fundamentals topics of our faith in 3 years’.

Proclamação da Verdades de Deus


Promote the teaching of the various ministries linked to us. Through digital platforms, (website, apps and social networks) the content of our faith will be organized.

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The words excited and enthusiastic may not be able to express how I feel with the Fundamentals project! Just the fact that we can make available to the church of Christ the content we have received from the Lord, and in an orderly fashion, makes my heart fill with joy and hope that, somehow, we can help the joints and ligaments to perform their loving service, in the dependence of the Holy Spirit!

This project is not intended to replace the service of the saints performed through the joints and ligaments. It is not a virtual discipleship. On the contrary. The goal is to better support the functioning of joints and ligaments.

In the Old Testament the Lord already urged with His prophet: "seal the Law in the hearts of My disciples"! (Isa 8:16). Paul tried his best to present "every man perfect in Christ"! (Col 1.28). The "Fundamentals" is part of a sincere effort to achieve this: to seal the Law of the Lord in the hearts of the disciples and present every man perfect in Christ!

Fundamentals will consolidate our unity of faith, not only in terms of content, but also in the way it is presented. This will bring glory to our dear Lord, and protection and peace to the flock entrusted to us.

The "Fundamentals" is the realization of a dream that’s existed for a few years: the production of a complete teaching material, for the church to use in their homes and relationships, that reflects our progress in understanding the scriptures and contains corrections to practices that do not fit together with our faith. All of this done as a team and supported by professional and technological services, goes beyond even the best dreams in this regard.

The "Fundamentals" project is much more than a tool to help the teaching in the church, it is an effort for us to obey the command of Jesus and the apostles 'to teach to observe all things' and to announce 'all counsel of God' And as we do this, we will obey Jesus and the apostolic command to preserve the unity among us, think the same things, speak the same things, and have the same judgement. May the UNITY of the church be strengthened with this project.

Content Channels

All project contents, videos, booklets and additional materials will be available on the Fundamentals mobile app as well as on the website. In addition, we will do a live broadcast every week, on the YouTube channel, covering important topics for the formation of each disciple.

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How to support us

You can make a one-time offer or become a monthly sponsor by clicking on the links available here. It is our commitment to you that all amounts collected will be used exclusively for the development and maintenance of this work. This donation will bless your life and the lives of many other brothers spread throughout Brazil and the World.

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Logotipo Podcast Fundamentos

Fundamentals Project


Logotipo Podcast Fundamentos
Logotipo Podcast Fundamentos
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